Genealogy of Lucks, Kai and Related Families

Fanny Fisher Rosenberg Morris Rothman (left) Wah Sing Jow family Kopel Rothman Lee Kwong Louis Lucks family Bertha Grass Rothman Lillian Rothman Ah Hu Look

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This website contains the genealogy for the main branches of my family tree (Lucks, Rothman, Grass, Rosenberg), my wife's lineage (Kai, Jow, Lee), as well as many other related families. The site currently includes 8,140 people.

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Please note the links to over 1,000 source documents (census listings, immigration / naturalization records, newspaper articles, etc.) contained in the Documents section on each person's page.

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You may view several types of genealogical charts and diagrams, each with various format options. Click on the Descendancy Chart, Ancestry Chart or Relationship Chart links located on each individual's page, just below the person's name.

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Please contact me if you have questions or comments about this site, or if would like to contribute new information. I would also greatly appreciate being notified about errors in the data. Thanks for visiting!

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